This is a How-To business book covering proven and exact ways and methods to improve productivity. It is intended for business owners and managers, and also students of Business and Management Studies, especially those on MBA courses.

For company managers the book contains “Practical Advice that works.” – for pre and post graduation students it provides a different understanding of a company structure, and shows how to effectively understand the key activities in running a business.

Book Introduction.

Rocketship Management starts with a summary of government and other sponsored reports going back over the last twenty years showing the causes of poor productivity. The reports listed the key reasons for low productivity which are as follows:

1. Insufficient Planning and control:- 43%
2. Inadequate Management:- 23%
3. Poor working morale:- 12%
4. IT related problems:- 8%
5. Ineffective communication:- 7%
6. Inappropriately qualified workforce:- 7%

Book Content.

These key reasons for low productivity are covered in the book’s chapters.  Each chapter covers a specific function or department, and then the solutions from case studies are shown with highlighted sections for the lessons learned and the methodologies needed. Towards the end of the book in chapter 15, titled ‘General Summary of needs for Productivity Improvements,’ this lists a summary of the exact suggestions covered in the various chapters for improving each of the areas of poor productivity.

Government Desire for Increasing Productivity.

The UK government talks about ‘upskilling the workforce.’ From the poor productivity percentages above, it can be seen that the management aspects are the major causes of poor productivity. The top three points above are 78% of the problems.

It would appear that management and managers need to be ‘upskilled’ so that they can more easily recognise training needs in their company. They are the ones who should identify and implement relevant training in their respective workforce, whether internally or externally, so as to improve productivity.