By John Fordham

Rocketship Management®

Ride a Rocket to Profit

In this book, John Fordham will show you how to implement the Rocketship Management Concept, with clear examples from his wide personal experiences, stories, lessons and case studies on where and how exactly to boost performance.


John Fordham

“It only takes a small 1% investment in a few key areas to make a huge difference to the success of of your business.”

Thousands of companies cease trading every week, and many entrepreneurs fail when they launch a start-up because they lack the knowledge about how to properly manage and grow a company profitably.

John starts by giving an entire overview of running a business more successfully, including areas where business owners forget to focus or don’t realise their importance.  Then he drills down into the key functions that are essential to your business.

By following John’s recommendations, you will:  

  • Understand how to make a company more profitable.
  • Develop your sales techniques to get more enquiries and conversions.
  • Fully understand gross profit management to improve your bottom line.
  • Develop more effective leadership skills and increase company and employee performance.
  • Improve your management reporting, IT, and more.

John graduated in Business Studies followed by a graduate intake programme with a large
conglomerate called Simms Motor and Electronics Corporation. There was intensive graduate
training and work undertaken in the group’s Organisation and Methods Department in various operating companies. The training and experience provided a solid foundation for business and project management.

Subsequent positions in various companies included product management and managing sales agents in Europe. Then as International Marketing Manager, he participated in a company achieving the Queens Award for Export with sales increases of forty percent a year
over a five year period.

Later, as the Managing Director of the UK company of a German group, he turned around the company following ten years of losses, for it to become the fifteenth fastest growing plastics and
engineering company in the UK.

With these successes behind him, John found himself in demand to pass on his advice. This led him to form his own company with a colleague to help businesses in need of assistance and advice, sometimes for them just to survive.

His work with a wide range of companies spanning fifteen years, coupled with his earlier career experiences, provide the real life examples and case studies that form the backbone of his book.

Following the wide career and extensive travel, John and his family now live in the South of England in the New Forest not far from the sea. With his positive attitude and can-do nature he has been a lifelong sailor, a racing helmsman and crew, and has a Yachtmasters